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About us

Zepto is one of the most minimalist acoustic measurement units, which led composers to choose the name for their collective, launched in 2020. Now united in an association, with the aim of promoting electronic music, more precisely the Minimal Micro house, 2 artists: Ferqli & Vano, accompanied by a team of friends who volunteer, are driven by common values of Benevolence - Sharing - & Discovery. Around them gravitate regional, French, and European partners who are experts in Sound and  Scenography.
The Zepto collective already has more than twenty events organized in Flanders, in different formats:
Open Air, Event Club or Event Bar in which DJs and festival-goers from Paris, Belgium and the Netherlands who also participate.

Our teams

Co-founder of the Zepto collective, Vano first explored the European minimal / micro house scene with his best dance steps in order to forge a vision of music in his own image: groovy and refined. Confirmed digger in perpetual quest to bang, he continually renews his selection of tracks and records to offer a unique experience during each of his passages.

Rémi Vanoosteen, Vano

They talk about us

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