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Zepto - 3 Years anniversary

Chateau de bossuit

A lot of time and effort was put into planning this unforgettable event. Zepto 3 years anniversary was a unique opportunity to take a break from everyone's daily routine and experience something new.

Zepto Warehouse w/ Doubtingthomas

The container

At the dawn of the beginning of summer, we are realizing a project that is dear to us: organizing a Warehouse party in the city with Doubtingthomas as the conductor. Funktione One sound system by Polymorph in an unused location so far and accessible by metro. Lunar decoration in an industrial setting enhanced by ιƖυмα νιѕυαƖ mapping to transport you through the twists and turns of minimal/micro until sunrise...


La grange

It's the end of summer and to help everyone get through this gloomy period we have decided to go back to basics with a format that is dear to us, 24H non stop in the barn.


La grange

For the first time in history, Zepto meets Zenit to create Zeptonit !

Zepto x Moments - New Year's 2022

La grange

By far the best place to celebrate new year's with minimal music and psychedelic decorations.

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